Symbiosis Studio

The Symbiosis Studio is a physical space concept that I invented to enable interdisciplinary exchange and work within the arts, the sciences and the public.

︎︎︎Andreas Bergmann and Michael Lehner co-designed outdoor spaces and flexible furniture to adapt to manifold needs: stages for public talks and presentations, joint painting areas with moveable displays and diverese working space levels to change perspectives. 

The studio includes a variety of design and workshop formats to enable exchange:

︎︎︎Thinking Hands
collaborate drawing process to overcome disciplines

Veranda Talk
conversation between artists and scientists in a swing to connect individuals of different backgrounds

Open Studio
public talks, dance lessons, performing arts on stage, guided tours, and projects for public participation

communicate and initiate exchange with the public

Building on the so far experiences we develop further of the Symbiosis Studio formates for students, professionals and the public to connect, exchange and inspire change.