From childhood on I recognised the power of arts to connect to others and to design the world I want. 

Drawing, singing and acting were my favourite expressions, but when I entered the art academy I recognised that even related disciplines tend to classify themselves in separate boxes and I was longing for openness in between the fields. Somehow I had the feeling that there was a hidden potential to be discovered by linking people and disciplines.

Therefore as a student I started projects of common interests like a fashion show or role-playing for a film and involved diverse students and teachers to work on it on a level playing field. Theses comprehensive projects were very successful, inspired friendships and cooperations, and lead to a more open and supportive campus feeling.

The passion and interest of cooperators and allies from art, design, technology and science encouraged me to initiate even bigger projects with more impact. That is why for example I started with my sister, the scientist Annika Guse, the international project ¡vamos, simbiosis!. It aims to reconnect people with the sea to envision and achieve a symbiotic and sustainable future of mankind and the ecosystems.