„Gold“ Trophies – Photography

This series was inspired by the record shop „POP, Berlin“ that is well known for it’s exquisite offer of vinyl records. The shop hosts a cultural program and exhibited my photographs in 2018.

The photo works are of exact the same size as long-playing records (LP) used to be. They model golden record trophies by elaborate collages of found material from consumer goods like chocolate box inlays, lavish shopping bags or glamorous package.

Each artwork refers to a special album such as BOB DYLAN: Nashville Skyline, DAVID BOWIE: Changes, DER PLAN: Es Ist Eine Fremde Und Seltsame Welt, EURYTHMICS: Savage, FELA: Fela & Africa 70, LCD: lcd soundsytem, MADONNA: Like a Virgin, NEIL YOUNG: Zuma, PATTI SMITH: Horses and QUEEN: Live Killers.