„Heroic Followers“ (Media) Consumption – Photography

„Heroic Followers”, Photo series

Idealization of (media)consumption ist the central theme of this series. It restages gestures and poses of front sculptures while the mythological attributes are replaced by contemporary consumer goods. Headphones instead of laurel crown, shopping bag instead of cornucopia and selfie-stick instead of spear. This staging transfers values like freedom, peace, abundance and success to modern consumer- and follower potentials.

The performing actors are the Viennese artists Raphael von Bargen, Nicole Klöckl, Paula Marschalek, Silvia Meisterle, Johannes Rass, Susanna Schwarz, Sebastian Wendelin, Maria Wetter

Idea/Photography: Stephanie Guse, Photography: Fabian Gasperl, Outfit/Styling: Mariam Wahsel, Art management: Paula Marschalek