„Thinking Hands“ How to clarify complex Issues – Interdisciplinary Action

To develop new insights and ideas we have to understand many aspects of an issue which is sometimes hard regarding the complexity of topics like gene technology, global warming or mankind’s dependancy on ecosystems.

To clarify questions like these I developed the „Thinking Hands“ studio in collaboration with artists and scientists. By visualising aspects in teams of experts and adding the pictures in form of a narrative we produce inspiring story boards that give an overall view and reveal connections, further questions and approach to solving a problem.

So far, we – my sister Annika Guse (scientist) and I – especially worked with scientists and students of Heidelberg University on research questions like „How does gene technology work?“ or „Sugar as a communicator in our bodies“.

Lately we used „Thinking Hands“ to specify the project ¡vamos, simbiosis! and it’s goals within a team workshop at Marsilius Kolleg Heidelberg.