„Wanna Have“ Empathizing Masterpieces – Photography

The desire for acting like stately and distinguished persons on art historian paintings made me develop a special photographic technique to create an ancient atmosphere and accessories without expansive effort. In 2007 I started to collect everyday trash like wrappings, chocolate boxes or fashion labels in order to collate them into scenarios that resemble painted masterpieces. Restaged self-portraits empathizing the archetypes completed the photo works.

Paulas Collection No1 – Self-portrait, (after Paula Modersohn Becker „Selbstbildnis zum 6. Hochzeitstag”, 1905/06), 2007

The emerging series was part of numerous exhibitions at galleries and museums like Rathaus München, Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt, Kunsthalle Bremen or Künstlerhaus Wien. Hence collectors were asking for their own portraits and I enjoy working on commission with people and learning about their favourite painters and portraits.