¡vamos, simbiosis!

Building a Partnership with the Sea Through the Arts and Sciences

¡vamos, simbiosis! is a project initiated by my scientist sister Annika Guse and me. It unites arts, science and society to reveal the deep connection between humanity and the sea. Following the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Develoepement we aim to create new concepts for a sustainable lifestyle in symbiotic partnership with the marine world.

The pilot project took place in Águilas, a Spanish city and climate change hotspot at the Mediterranean in 2022.
International scientists and artists worked together with local citizens and students to experience and understand ocean science and created ideas and artworks inspired by the ocean and climate change.

Learn about the approach:
Documentary by Tobias Brehmer and Axel Warnstedt, 2022

The results evolved from a stepwise process in which artists and scientists built up on each others work like in the example „Los Viejos and the Sea” (by Tanja Granzow and Michael Masula):

We call this stepwise process The Yellow Thread, a principle that visualises how interdisciplinary inspiration and contribution happens and how ideas and research are connected.

Watch the exhibition at the Biocenter of the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich in May 2023:

© Photography: Fabian Gasperl, Vienna

Documentary by Tobias Brehmer and Axel Warnstedt, 2023